Manly Fashion Tips from WSJ Focuses on Jewelry

Accessorizing with jewelry is no new concept as experts go to great lengths to share how to pair the right piece with the right outfit. This advice is no longer just for the ladies as men are now spending more time at the jewelry counter looking for pieces to spruce up their ensembles. The Wall Street Journal is sharing their manly fashion tips by honing in on the expertise of London jeweler, Stephen Webster in their article titled, "Ways to Make a Manly Statement with Jewelry".
”One place to start is with a ring. While the designer himself favors chunky, in-your-face styles such as a ring of his that features a Japanese Kabuki mask, he says such conversation pieces work best for weekends and may not be the best idea for most office ensembles. Instead, a simple band studded with black diamonds or black jade, worn on the right hand's ring finger, can add some oomph to a suit while still being appropriate, he says.”
Webster also urges readers to remember color and convenience. Certain colors may not work for the office but can be hidden under a button down shirt for an easy transition from the office to the night-club. Picking the right piece of jewelry to perfectly compliment a suit is only half the battle; keeping that jewelry in perfect condition is just as important. Using the correct jewelry cleaning product on your jewelry, such as Blitz Non-Toxic Jewelry Cleaners and Jewelry Polishing Cloths will keep it in stunning condition so that the right impression is made at work or play. If you own a black jade ring that gives your best suit an edgy feel, try cleaning it in our Gem & Jewelry Cleaner to keep it shiny and sleek.

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