Jewelers, Repair Shops and Retail Outlets Love the GemOro UltraSpa

When Blitz® Executive Administrative Assistant, Laura Dubois set out to find the most reliable and effective jewelry cleaning machines on the market, the obvious choice for our inventory was the GemOro UltraSpaTM. This machine is a combination of an Ultrasonic and Steamer in one. Laura said of the product: “I chose this jewelry cleaning machine in particular because our customers, such as jewelry store owners and repair shops love the convenience of it. The ultrasonic machine is powerful and the shine restored to jewelry from the steamer is remarkable!” Blitz® put this amazing product on our retail website at and found that many of our customers began purchasing it for their homes. “This machine isn’t just for businesses like retail outlets; serious jewelry collectors are really looking to protect their investments like diamonds, 24k gold and platinum with a professional grade machine. The GemOro UltraSpaTM is an obvious choice for them because of its dual-function.” said Laura. Unlike other online retailers, Blitz® is offering the GemOro UltraSpaTM at a competitively low price with impeccable customer service from REAL sales associates. Blitz® CFO, Robert Slawinski adds, “Blitz® has been in business since 1912 offering real customer service without annoying recorded voice messages. We talk to our customers to find which products will benefit them. Our pricing is meticulously monitored to make sure we are giving our customers the best possible deal.”


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