How to Clean and Care for Garnet

Garnet is the gemstone of eternal friendship that is well known for its durable exterior and brilliant color. Mention of garnet dates back to 3200 BC as the gemstone was said to be found on an Egyptian Diadem, which was, “made up of beads and chips of garnet, turquoise and malachite as well as sections of very small gold beads, which was found in the Naqada II grave of a woman at Abydos; it was used to hold a piece of veil-like cloth over the face of the deceased” (Nicholson: Ancient Egyptian Materials and Technology p.32). Nicholson also suggests that garnet in Egypt was not commonly used even though it was widely available due to the small size, poor color (dark, reddish-brown) compared to other gems, and crumbly nature. Rest assured; today’s garnet is much stronger and perfect for everyday wear. Common colors include violet and crimson AKA bohemian garnet although garnet can be found in almost any color excluding blue. [hr]

How to Clean Garnet

Because garnet is relatively low in cost and perfect for everyday wear, these gemstones are more susceptible to experiencing grime build-up and in some cases, depending on how active you are, damage.

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