Clean Your Bling the Blitz Way

There are a lot of articles floating around on the internet on cleaning your bling. Most involve toothpaste, dishwashing liquid, and mixing odd chemicals. Think about this. Toothpaste was designed for teeth. It has ingredients that are great to remove plague, tartar, and stains, but for jewelry you paid a mint for? Ask yourself if this sounds right. Dishwashing liquid is made to clean off food: Gunk, dried eggs, and grease. Your jewelry doesn't have any of this stuff on it. Is that right?

Blitz can clean your Bling the right way. We've been making cleaning stuff since 1912. First, we're non-toxic. Back when it wasn't cool to be green, we were. If you read an article recommending ammonia on your jewelry, give this some thought. Ammonia is toxic, and it has to be kept away from pets and children. The fumes bite and burn your eyes and nose. Worse, should it get in contact with bleach, the resulting gases are serious enough to send you to the hospital or worse. If you have a child with asthma, ammonia is also detrimental. Even window cleaners are quickly moving to eliminate ammonia from their products. Blitz doesn't use ammonia. Since 1912, we've worked hard to use safe ingredients for our jewelry cleaner, and that's why our products are proudly carried in stores such as J C Penney's and Macy's. Our basic cleaning kit, product #692, has everything you need to clean your bling in one small box. The kit has a polishing cloth made of non-toxic ingredients, no abrasives, and consists of 100% cotton flannel. Take the polishing cloth, rub your gold, silver, or platinum a few times and watch it shine again. For routine cleaning of your gold, silver and platinum rings, bracelets, necklaces, or even your grills simply place the jewelry on the basket provided with the jar (our product #651), for a few moments and hand lotion suntan lotion, makeup, oils, or grime washes right off. A soft brush is included for cleaning hard to reach places such as backs of rings, or between mounted diamonds. So leave the toothpaste, dishwashing liquid and everything else aside for their intended purposes and give Blitz a try. Blitz your Bling.

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